Strata AR Features

Advanced Apps

View your AR content on both iOS and Android devices with the Strata AR app. Build it once – see it everywhere.

Cloud Hosted Service

With Strata AR all of your augmented reality content is hosted in a secure cloud environment.


Powerful Content Editor

Manage all of your app assets; markers, videos and images with ease. Update content any time.

Add a new dimension to all your projects

The Strata AR Platform allows you to effortlessly add a new dimension to your client’s projects. Add augmented reality content to real life projects like flyers, brochures, posters, packaging and more. Easily sell your clients on AR’s ability to attract customers, close sales, educate and engage. All this for as little as 5 cents per AR view.

Perfect for any type of business

Once you experience the full capabilities of augmented reality you’ll be committed to this new kind of immersion in brand identity communication. Realize your ideas in new ways, sell concepts with more impact, and add value to your client’s projects – and bring more revenue to your bottom line.

Use Strata AR to upsell clients

Strata AR is the perfect way to add value to your client projects – and upsell this new dimension. Expanding traditional print with augmented reality positions your firm as a technology leader, and provides excellent profit potential.


Strata AR is an easy to use platform that allows Direct Selling Companies to connect a wide variety of virtual content to real life objects, images, products, packaging etc. Strata AR AR App technology will help you attract customers, close sales, and most importantly engage your distributors and customers.