Strata AR is bringing an exciting addition to print in all kinds of industries. 

Packaging & Labeling

Augmented Reality makes packaging and labeling come to life like never before! Use AR to grab attention or educate consumers on product details, even displaying a website, video, coupons and more! 

Direct Mail Marketing

Using Augmented Reality in Direct Mail Marketing creates an interactive experience for consumers - making letters and brochures engagingmemorable.

Magazines, Catalogs & Pamphlets

Add video, 3D models, audio, maps, you name it! Print takes on a whole new level of allure with Augmented Reality.

Storybooks & Textbooks

Watch as beloved storybook characters such as Olaf  jump off the page in Augmented Reality. Examine a 3D replica of a beating human heart pop off the paper of an anatomy textbook. The possibilities are endless!

Posters, Banners & Signs

Posters, banners and signs all come to life with AR. Creating a truly stunning experience is the best way to keep print in the minds of those who see it.