Trial Instructions

Strata AR Platform Trial Instructions

The Strata AR Platform consists of two components: The Web Cloud Platform, and; the Apple iOS and Google Android Apps.

Play with AR Experiences

Using the Strata AR app, you can test out AR experiences created by Strata, and use the app to test out your own triggers and AR experiences created using a Trial Account. For more information about Trial Accounts, see the next set of instructions below this set.




  • Install the Strata AR app for Apple iOS and/or Android
    • Search for “Strata AR” on the app store on your smartphone or tablet, or go to for links and QR code to locate apps on app stores
    • Download and install the app
  • Launch Strata AR app on your smartphone or tablet
    • Initial launch will require you to provide permissions to the app before running

  • Locate sample target images
    • Sample target images can be found at
    • A printable PDF document version can be downloaded here
  • Point the device’s camera at a target image
    • Using the Strata AR app, point the device’s camera at a target image

  • Hit the “Scan” button
    • At the bottom of the screen you’ll find the round Scan button
    • Touch the Scan button
    • The AR experience will load

  • Hit the “Back” button for the next target image
    • Once you’re done with the AR experience, hit the “Back” button
    • The Back button can be found in the upper left of the Strata AR screen
    • Locate the next target image you wish to scan

Create Your Own AR Experiences with Trial Account

Strata’s sample AR platform can be found at, where you can setup your own Trial Account and test out the platform and see how it could work for you.

Strata’s sample AR platform can be found at, where you can setup your own Trial Account and test out the platform and see how it could work for you.

  • Create an account
    • If you haven’t created an account already, go to and click on the “Create Account” button in the upper right, or just go directly to
    • Fill out the required info
    • Click the “Sign Up” button
  • Log in to your account
    • You’ll automatically be logged in if you’ve just created your account

  • Click the “Create” icon
  • Select an image for your trigger
    • Image must be a .jpg or .png format
    • Image must be RGB (not CMYK)
    • Recommended Maximum file size: 2MB
    • Images with high-contrast and focused subject matter tend to work best
  • Enter a Trigger name and Description
  • Click “Continue to Edit”
  • Rotate and/or Crop image
    • Rotate and/or set the Crop region for the image, if desired, then click Done – If no edits are needed, simply click Done
  • Review image info
    • Review the image information
    • If you’re satisfied go ahead and hit “Continue to Upload”

  • Review image rating
    • After the upload is finished, check the Image Rating to get an idea of how well the image will work as a trigger. 5 Star images generally work the best. Lower-rated images can work, but could have trouble scanning or take a few scan attempts to work, and tracking the image once recognized may suffer.
    • For images below a 5 star you may want to consider hitting the “Replace Image” button. A different image, or possibly different cropping may be in order.
  • Click “Continue to Layer” button
  • Choose Layer type
    • You are welcome to experiment with the various content layer types. A popular type is Video, which allows you to link to a YouTube video or upload a video to be streamed to the Strata AR app (or your branded AR app)
      • Video allows you to add a button with a link for further engagement
      • On clicking the Done button, video will present options to “Attach to Trigger” (this will play the video as if attached to the trigger image, covering all or a portion of the trigger image), or “Display Full Screen” (this fill the device screen to play the video)
      • Selecting “Attach to Trigger” allows you to choose the area on the trigger image where the video will play
    • Other content layer types will have different options available to them
    • After setting the trigger type you want and it options, click Done.
  • Publish Trigger
    • Lastly, click “Publish Trigger” to activate the trigger image for scanning by the Strata AR app
  • Test with Strata AR app
    • Review the results of publishing the trigger and scanning the image with the Strata AR app (or your own branded app, as the case may be)

    • You can modify the trigger and content layer by clicking on the Manage icon, or by selecting “ARC Manager” from the menu icon in the upper right of the screen (three bars – sometimes known as a “hamburger menu”)
    • You can click the “eye” icon to view the trigger image and details. You can also scan the image with the Strata AR app directly from this screen to see how the scan process works and to view the trigger content.
  • Have Fun!
    • By playing around you’ll learn how much fun AR can be – but more importantly, how well it will fit into your business, how you can expand on printed content, and how you can upsell marketing partners with this technology